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    Application and Website Design, Development and Modernization | Red Pill Now
    Application and Website Design, Development and Modernization
    Why Nomad Will Fail
    My very first “computer” was an Atari 2600. At the time it was quite revolutionary, allowing me to play a range of games at home on […]
    The Lowdown on Low-Code
    During the recent Microsoft Inspire conference Satya Nadella made a comment that really caught my attention. “500 million new apps are going to be created in […]
    Can HCL put Humpty Dumpty back together again
    Lotus Notes sat on a wall Back in 1989 Lotus Notes was released and for many years it occupied a unique position in the software market. […]
    Lotus Lives
    By any measure last Friday was a very notable day in the History of Notes/Domino. Not only was it the 29th anniversary of the first release […]
    A new PLACE for my Lotus
    My “Replacing Lotus” blog series from 2017 attracted quite a bit of interest and I have been asked on a number of occasions if I planned […]
    Domino 10: Collabsphere Just Got Very Interesting
    The are now (at least) two compelling reasons to attend this year’s CollabSphere conference in Ann Arbor, MI running from July 22-24. If you are like […]
    How Domino Became Engaged
    Engage 2018 was an awesome event for a great many reasons. Seeing this event grow from humble beginning to an event that is now attracting 400 […]
    Making Modernization Simple
    Domino is back, and yellow has become the new yellow within the yellowverse. We now know that IBM/HCL have a long-term plan for Notes/Domino that extends […]
    Taking the Guesswork Out of Selecting a Solution for Modernizing Your Domino Data
    Join Red Pill Now’s Peter Presnell and Viktor Krantz as they discuss Take 5, our newest offering designed to take the guesswork out of selecting a […]
    Podcast: Influencing Behavior Through Page Design & Color
    Many of us don’t have the luxury of working with a designer while developing our apps. Just because we don’t have a designer at our disposal, […]

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